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Digimon collection update

Just  re-posting in my own journal for tracking reasons.

I present you…my collection (somewhat image heavey under the cut)
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Holy Grails of Grails & Other Tales

Greymon:  Good evening ladies and Gentlemen!! Since my master is laying on the floor because she fainted after recieving certain package...i will be your host today!! I am Greymon Jr. Or just Junior for short.


If you dare mock my size it won't end well for you tough.

Im wearing a bowtie since its an especial occasion, see??

(Also, i hope master is not dead, can somene check that?? Is she even breathing??)

Ejem...shall we??Collapse )

SHSL Collection Update

Whoa...It's been a while since the last update. I decided to stop doing them because they consumed too much time, and i felt they were not relevant anymore. but  I kind of miss them, and they were helpful to me to keep track of what i buy.

Sooo...let's sum up a little what it been up to these last months.  (Its like 90% Dangan Ronpa anyway ahkfdfgs)

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The despair...is here


Im back here with more random gets. Despair inducing gets this time...becuse there is mostly Dangan Ronpa Merch...and being more specific, despair twins!! Yay!!

I still remember when i said that i wouldnt get into this fandom...yea right


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Some ol' stuff

I got this stuff a while ago already,  but im really lazy with updates...
September gets
The madoka madness continues...Collapse )


Are you seriously saying that you are cutting the storage time BY FUCKING HALF, and after that we have to pay 100y per item EACH DAY???? How about..NO.

I used to love this service a lot...but each time they make a change, instead of improving, it gets worse. This was the last straw.

You used to be cool FJ, you used to be cool

Sorry, end of the rant.


Huh?? What's that Annabeth?? It arrived??That some big box!! (that exceeded my shipping budget btw)

This is an overdue gets post...that i was supposed to do like more than a week ago ha ha ha.

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster was definitively my most awaited movie of the year. I wanted to see "Lightning thief" since it was in theathers but for some reason i was never able to, until last year...and i sooo loved it. I had to buy the books. I read the 5 books in less than 6 days, and i enjoyed evey line. I was really suprised to how different the movie was from the book...but i liked both versions a lot. (Probably i wouldn't say the same if i had read first, and then watch he he)

I was able to watch on Friday...and i really liked it!! I made some ponits based on my personal opinin about it.

Spoiler heavy, so if you don't want those, you might want to stop readingCollapse )
Bad news. Im not going to NY. (At least for now) Good news...i can buy more stuff xD.

The package this time was not that much of a big deal. Just a couple of things. But with an....uh, "odd" suprise.
Suprise, surprise!!Collapse )

Newest family member

Mercado Libre aka Latinamerican ebay usually sucks...but once in a while something good pops up. And this was one of those times.


This was supposed to arrive last week, but i was barely home...and i actually thought i wouldn't recieve it today neither because i was away most of the day, but i was lucky tee-hee.

I've been wanting Ikkakumon for a while, not a priority buuuuut this was a really good deal, so i couldn't let it go. Being in my own country, i wouldn't need to deal with international shipping prices, customs and possible  package loss. Plus, its in excelent condition!! just some cracks on the paint, and one small stain (that i already removed), but there's nothing peeled or anything.

Been top-loaded with work, so there's not much more to say, just that i'm thinking about opening watercolor comissions soon...and i hope to make a journal about it before the end of this month!!